5 Events When Using The Race Room Makes Sense

The Race Room offers a host of racing related activities that our customers can take advantage of and enjoy. Keeping quality in mind, we only allow 4 participants to race simultaneously on our full motion racing simulators. After exhausting themselves from racing, we offer customers beverages while they watch the video footage of the race. Here are some of the events you can host at the Race Room.

Corporate team building

The Race Room can arrange for competitive and team spirit building motorsport activities. These events can boost employee morale and make a fun event out of a corporate team building seminar. Racing requires the team together to beat . This is a unique learning experience for amateur racers. Our racing sim events can instill a feeling of harmony and synergy amongst team members.

Client appreciation events

Want to show a client a good time? Why not let him race in his dream vehicle. Our unique selection of supercars (like Aston Martin, and Ferrari), stock cars, Formula cars,Indy cars, allow them to fulfill their dreams of racing on a real world course. Our driving simulators can be retrofitted with additional accessories and make sure the client gets an authentic feel of a real car.

Private Parties

The Race Room is the go-to destination if you want to hold unique private parties. Bring your friends and race against them in any circuit, league or official series via the Race Room. Sip on a few cold drinks and watch the video footage while animatedly discussing driving tricks and techniques.

Driving sessions

Whether it’s a sports car enthusiast who wants to get the feel of a real race car, or a professional driver who requires practice on an unknown course, the Race Room makes their goals possible. Testimonials at the iRacing portal show how virtual sim racing is quickly becoming a part of mainstream racing. What if you’re an amateur who’s never driven a sports car? No problem! Our packages include the services of real world racers who will guide you through practice sessions and help you make the most out of your main event.

Birthdays and stags

Ever blew a birthday candle and made a wish to drive a Formula One car in the Monaco Grand Prix? This wish can come true at the Race Room. With an array of available sports cars and super cars you can drive almost any vehicle in any professional circuit. Imagine yourself driving the same car as Lewis Hamilton or Nico Rosberg does. Feel the exhilaration experienced by Formula One drivers, as depicted in the movie Rush. Take a few buddies racing and compete in professional courses around the globe.

In the real world, we are can only watch people race and not participate ourselves, the Race Room is a dream come true. Hosts needn’t concern themselves with arrangements as the Race Room takes care of everything, including attendee participation and client/customer engagement, on-site.

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