What Simulator Should you Book?

The Race Room offers different kinds of driving simulator packages depending on the customer’s requirements. Identify which package will give you the most for your money. Each package is unique and caters to the specific needs of the customer. Each package has a pre-race orientation and the simulator sessions are divided into a practice session, qualifying session, and main session.

Here are the different packages provided by the Race Room.

Raw Racing package

The raw racing package is designed for amateur racers. It can include a group of up to 4 people who want to race against each other, or just test their timings individually. The raw package includes a 30 minute pre-race orientation, a 60 minute practice session, a 10 minute qualifying session, and a 20 minute race session.

This package is perfect for a family or a group of friends.

Gentleman series 4 package

For racers who want to race seriously and focus on timings and result the Gentleman series package is ideal. It can host up to 4 racers. These racers will be provided with the standard pre-race tutorial, a 60 minute open practice session, a 15 minute qualifying session, and a 30 minute main race session. Additionally, post race results will be shown along with a video review so that they can analyze their performance.

The Gentlemen Series Package is ideal for drivers who want to improve on their driving techniques for their next session.

Team series 8 package

This is an event package for a group of 4 to 8 customers. This package may include from 4 to 8 people. Our team creates a fun environment and an innovative racing session with various racetracks to make sure you are pumped and satisfied in the end. It includes a pre race orientation lasting 30 minutes, 2.5 hours of simulator time which is divided into a practice session, a qualifying session, and a race session.

Once the race is over post race footage can be viewed for entertainment. Perfect if you are accompanied by friends who are as passionate about racing as you.

Team series 12 package

This package is similar to the Team series 8 package. It includes a group of 8 to 12 customers. The simulator session is extended to 2.75 hours to accommodate 4 additional people.

On-Site rentals

The Race Room offers its services to clients who want to host public events such as fundraisers, promotional events, stags, private parties, sales events, company functions, and even birthdays! We bring our staff to you, managing everything from participation to client/customer interaction. It is an ideal package for corporations who want to set up team building sessions, work outing, or client appreciation events.

The Race Room has a package for anybody and everybody. The hands on approach of our team make sure that everyone can take away a unique experience from our simulator sessions. Our aim is to make motor sporting accessible and as authentic as possible for all our customers.

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