Can Your Driving Skills Improve From A Race Sim?

What connection is there between racing simulators and real world abilities. Sitting in a racing simulator is fun, exciting and enthralling. Does the time spent in the racing simulator bring you any real world value? Does it impact your driving skill?

To the Research

A study by the University of Rochester led by Daphne Bavelier threw up some interesting data on this issue. Quick action gamers tend to be more attentive to their visual environment. This often involves tracking several objects at once, while paying attention to a series of quick paced events. The brain is simply able to process visual data better.

And that’s not all. The study also discovered that gamers are able to make the right decision quicker. This is derived from their heightened senses. Furthermore, this leads to swifter reaction time. All of this is called probabilistic inference.

Want to know more about the study? Daphne Bavelier had an interesting TED Talk that you should watch.

The Racing Seat

The Racing Seat - birthday event calgary

One advantage The Race Room brings you is the driving seat. While, you may be able to play a racing game on a Playstation or XBOX, you just can’t do it like a racing simulator. It is as close as it can get to real life.

You can improve your hand-eye coordination, ensure you step on the right pedal, polish your interaction between the clutch and the gear and much more. If you are a first time driver, getting the kinks worked out and developing muscle memory in the racing simulator is better than causing a traffic jam because your car stalled.

Real Life Driving

Do you expect your driving skills to reach a professional, stunt or race driver standard, where you can do this:

Then no. Your driving skills are not going to reach that level, no matter how much time you spend in the racing simulator.

The changes that you will find in your driving skill are minute. You are able to pay attention to the road better and keep track of the cars around you. You will be able to make better estimations of the actions of various drivers and cars. You will drive better and respond well to sudden stimuli.

All of these minute changes will contribute to making you a better driver.

Sure, you may not be a pro racer anytime soon, but, you will have a better and safer driving experience because of your enhanced skills.

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