4 Things That Make You Love Motorsports

Motorsports is truly a global phenomenon. The thrill of watching cars fly-by on the race track past one another on the TV screen pales to watching it live. Motorsports was an age old tradition which has been recognized comparatively recently as a professional sport. These are some things about motor sporting that always make it exciting:

The racing scene
The motorsports scene is vast and varied. From vintage cars battling it out in local racing leagues to IndyCar Racing to Formula 1, there is a motorsport for every car enthusiast to see. We get to see people who have raised the bar consistently by employing new techniques and improving their skills to the limit. Racing has become a game of inches. Just when drivers think they’ve reached their limit, they break new barriers. Apart from this, it is always a pleasure to watch racers bring their unique personalities and styles to their racing. No two drivers are the same, and neither are any two races.

The breakthroughs in speed
Automobile racing has always been a competition amongst drivers and automobile manufacturers to see who could produce the best results. From the time it began 100 years ago the racing scene has transformed to producing machines that can move faster than ever. A Formula 1 car is arguably the pinnacle of engineering excellence crafted by the best in the business. Aerodynamics creates downforce so that drivers can have more grip in the corners is just one of the recent engineering marvels. Techniques such as driver riding the opponents slipstream before overtaking, or ‘drafting’, a vehicle are exhilarating to watch.

The human element
Perhaps after the gladiators of old, racing is the purest form of competition in today’s world. In an actual sense, drivers put their lives on the line to defy the limits set by their predecessors. This element of tension that motor sporting creates in the minds of people is what sets it apart from other competitions. Drivers have to squeeze every drop of speed from their machine and push their senses to the boundaries of human cognition. Every split second is vital which makes this sport so enthralling. And as you become a fan of the sport, you’ll also become a fan of the drivers, like F1 racers Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel

The yardstick of progress
The breakthroughs in race cars of course affect the design of everyday automobiles as well. Eventually high end sport cars and luxury vehicles come with these features and are available to the general public. The idea that something you drive is comparable to a racers car is an exciting thought. Essentially the breakthroughs that are made in technology are always for the benefit of the overall automobile industry. It is an interesting thought that while watching Formula 1, you’re seeing their technologies become common place in the cars of tomorrow.

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