All You Need To Know About Racing Simulators

At the Race Room we offer you the most authentic simulated racing experience. But what is sim racing all about? Unlike racing games, sim racing involves the actual feel of a sports car, makes you feel every jar and bump on the road, and offers the choice of real world sports cars. Here’s what you need to know about The Race Room’s racing simulators.The Race Room combines high end equipment to form a complete simulator package. This includes triple screens that show the backdrop in detail, and pedals, handbrakes and steering wheels. The simulator also includes high end racing wheels, whose construction and handling offer an ultra realistic experience. Their simulators also include authentic race seats, fitted with Cobra, Sparco, Randy LaJoie, and Butler seats. The team at the Race Room has taken special care to ensure that their car sims offer the authentic feel of a real world race car. They have paid extra attention to pedal spacing and internal seating arrangements. The chassis of their formula cars are near replicas of the ones driven in real life.

The software, in collaboration with an online simulator portal known as iRacing, the Race Room offers an enormous list of real world sports cars to drive. This portal not only includes cars but also circuits, race tracks, leagues, and world championships. Via iRacing you can drive on famous race tracks around the world. These racing tracks have been laser scanned to imitate every detail of the track. Through the iRacing portal, you can compete with players around the world or organize a race with your friends. You can compete in iRacing professional league races that are organized periodically. Choose the race car of your choice from the plethora of cars offered on iRacing. Professional racers have vouched for the authenticity of iRacing’s online simulated racing experience. E-racing as a legitimate sport may soon become a reality as iRacing gets a foothold in the racing community. iRacing is home to over 60,000 racing enthusiasts so you’ll always have someone to race with.

The most important aspect of the Race Room’s car sims is that they have been designed by real world racing professionals. Thus, these sims are most than just the sum of their parts. Other racing sims belie the depth in racing provided by the Race Rooms simulators. Frequented by professional racers, the Race Room has improved the driving skills of many racers through their simulators. One driver commented that these racing sims fall just short of feeling real wind and rain hitting the windshiled. This makes us a go-to facility for sim racing in Calgary.

The team at The Race Room Calgary, offers these advanced simulators to you at an affordable price. We assist beginners by sharing our knowledge and experience of racing cars, and teach them techniques to improve their racing too. After the entire experience is complete, watch the video footage of the race and kick back over a beverage or two.

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