Can Simulator Racing Take you to Real World Motorsport?

This question has been prevailing ever since sim racing laid its pragmatic foundation in the world of gaming. Previously, gaming was considered as just a mere tool to kill time. Well, there are some who still consider car simulator racing to be a waste of time. I won’t be a critic to say they’re ‘wrong’, but would love to give in a few real-life examples, which will certainly help them transform their ideologies in par with the current generation. Kazunori Yamauchi, the creator of the game Gran Turismo, once claimed that he could turn a gamer into a real-life racing driver. Not to astound you, but a self-confessed addict of ultra-realistic and top-selling racing game Gran Turismo 5, won the GT Academy competition in the year 2008, only to become a real-life race driver.

There are many such success stories of individuals who actually crossed-over to real-world racing, merely from their car driving simulator skills. If you think it’s a joke to do so, then perhaps you have no idea what it feels like to be a pro racer. Today, racing simulator games are becoming more and more advanced. The chances of this sort of thing becoming a common tool for gamers and drivers alike, as it helps them to memorize different race tracks, and at the same time, sharpen their driving skills in the real world. Sim racing will soon become an everyday tool for racing enthusiasts because the realistic experience that these games provide is almost flawless.

Here are a few things that simulator racing can help you with:

Situational Awareness
Racing provides a pure adrenaline rush. When you’re in race car cockpit, all you care about is to accurately handle the driving wheel, perfectly shift the gears, and properly maneuver the clutch, brake, and throttle pedal. Sim racing provides you with not only these crucial components, but also with actual racing seats that match the corresponding race cars. Such an intense feeling can only be experienced at ‘The Race Room’, or in the actual race car.

The iRacing platform is a Motorsports Simulation software platform, which has enabled a few sim-racers to take their experience to real-life racing. Racing with fellow drivers online is, totally, a live experience. Sim racing with your friends or other drivers who share the same level of expertise is definitely challenging and pure joy. Racing simulators push you to be alert all the time, as any small incident can end up into worst-case scenarios when speeding on any race track. This empowers us to be more cautious and aware while driving in the real-world.

Memorize Race Tracks
Passionate drivers are always on their toes to explore, and find the fastest way around a race track. Today, there are so many, superbly engineered race tracks in the world, which have challenged racers to push beyond the limits to be one among the fastest. Every track has turns that can baffle a rookie driver, leading them to misjudge and lose speed.

With the advancement of technology, today, we are able to configure every detail of the different race car simulators and their operations. These simulators operate on an advanced software platform that replicates real-world race tracks in amazing detail. Each track is laser scanned down to the millimeter, letting you feel every bump and rumble the strip from the Start Line to the Finish Line. This way you can easily memorize various tracks and set faster lap times.

If you’re passionate about driving, or racing to be more precise, then this is your chance to explore your driving skills and push it to the limits. Visit ‘The Race Room’ in Calgary, and you won’t leave without learning something new about either a particular track or car. We offer groups and individuals an amazing racing experience, which they’ll most certainly share with their friends and family.

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