iRacing Is The Real Driving Simulator

Feel The Wheel
iRacing has taken the e-sports scene by storm. Motorsports enthusiasts now have a real opportunity to get behind the wheel of their favorite race cars. Physics and graphics on the iRacing platform are remarkable but what iRacing really does differently is offer an immersive racing experience. This is what makes iRacing the best racing sim in the world. Even professional racers can’t ignore what iRacing has to offer. iRacing can be easily supported by a decent PC with a stable internet connection. iRacing isn’t meant for ordinary gaming controllers. Fanatec offers gaming wheels and pedals to enhance your racing experience. Racing simulators unlike arcade racing require real skill in driving. The configuration options in iRacing are scary enough for beginners. Luckily, there are custom setups to assist unseasoned drivers.

As Real As It Gets
The iRacing racing sim is exactly what it says it is. A racing sim! Arcade titles don’t come close to what iRacing has to offer. iRacing’s depth of realism has professional racers floored. With no immediate reward system to offer achievement, hungry racers are often disappointed by iRacing. However, their purpose is not providing instant gratification but to offer an authentic racing experience. iRacing like real world racing is challenging, requires practice, and has all the real world penalties involved when mistakes are made. There is a professional body that regulates the penalties and enforces the rules and is separate from iRacing. This is why the top tiers of iRacing are dominated by real world racing professionals.

The Wind And The Rain
Telemetry data programs in iRacing are able to reproduce real world physics into the driving simulator. Although, g-force isn’t felt by the driver it is accounted for in the simulator itself. This is miles ahead of what arcade racers like Forza and Turismo are capable of. Professional racers have commented that apart from raindrops pelting their face iRacing has all the marks of an actual race.

Scanned To Perfection
Perhaps the greatest strength of the iRacing platform is that their racetracks are laser scanned. Where regular games have racetracks in detail, down to the inch, iRacing has them in detail, down to the millimeter. Even the traction between the road and the wheels is accounted for.

The Race Room is a racing simulator center that has partnered with iRacing. Their packages involve advice from real world drivers, practice sessions, and competitive races. You can race on your own, or against a group of friends. It’s a great new option in Calgary for anybody with a passion for racing!

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