Sim Racing And Its Impact On Real-life Racing

‘Racing’, in general terms can be linked to competitions, speed and various objects or vehicles, such as a horse, car, motorbike, etc. The very first thing that comes in the minds of keen drivers when it comes to racing, is ‘car racing’. It’s a different world altogether, when you’re on a racetrack. Well, most people reading this blog may know the kind of energy that engulfs a racetrack. Whether you’ve been behind the wheel or cheering your favourite driver on a racetrack, you’d know the amount of tension, perfection and energy racing around.

Professional racers obviously spend a lot of time with their machines on the track, however, there are many who seek inspiration or learn new ways to get faster on different tracks through racing sims. As technology improves every year, professional racers seek to learn and use these advanced technologies to improve their driving, visual, and racing skills. Sim racing seems to have reached its peak when we highlight some of its greatest aspects such as detailed graphics, smooth interface, excellent controls, and all-in-all the precise replication of racetracks.

Knowledge of Racetracks

Thanks to the iRacing software platform, which replicates real-world race cars and racetracks in great detail. Each track is laser scanned to millimeter precision, letting you feel every bump and rumble strip from Start to Finish Line.

Knowing every detail of a track before a race is essential. There is a lot of work you have to do before you can expect to start turning laps competitively. Learning a racetrack requires patience, time and skills. Although time is what you won’t have when you’re actually racing, it’s crucial to spend sufficient learning time on the racetrack before race-day.

Know Braking Points

The more time you spend on a racetrack, the faster you’ll get. Sim racing can improve your reflexes drastically. It also helps you improvise effectively when any incident occurs on the road. Incidents or accidents are always unforeseen. When you play with real players on the iRacing platform, you learn how to tackle incidents and you can use those skills to evade incidental situations in real-life racing. Most corners on a racetrack have a very specific braking point. With sim racing, you can push yourself to crazy limits, which give you an understanding whether you can actually do that in real-life racing or not. This sounds crazy, but sim racing is for serious enthusiasts, and professional drivers.

Know Your Race Line

Real-life racing requires intensive understanding of your machine, racetrack and race line. Race line is nothing but a line which enables drivers to take fast corners without losing any more speed than needed. If you’re a professional driver, you may not want to reduce the risk of real-world damage, and wear & tear. Sim racing allows you to explore every turn and bump of a racetrack flawlessly. Racing simulators have essentially become an important part of training sessions for professional drivers.

Well, if you still don’t believe you can read what Verstappen affirmed about car simulators. He revealed he had completed a race performing those exact moves on the racing simulator game a week ahead of the respective races. He said, “It’s always good because you know how much space you have. Also on racing simulators, sometimes you go a bit too far and you know that you can’t do it. I think it helps me. I mean, I did it for ‘Spa’ and I did it again for Monza and two times it worked on the real track.” He added on to say, “The overtake I did on Nasr, I did exactly the same in the sim game.”

Don’t worry, if you’re still wondering if sim racing can actually polish your racing skills in the real-world or not, you should visit ‘The Race Room’ in Calgary. Our professional drivers can explain in-detail the various benefits of sim racing on real-life racing. There are many professional drivers who already visit ‘The Race Room’ to learn racetracks and sharpen their driving skills before their actual race events. You can also contact us, if you wish to host birthday parties, team-building events, corporate events, race driver training sessions, etc.

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