Race Tracks Are Realistic On The iRacing Platform

The popularity of iRacing as a mainstream racing simulator is on the rise. This is not surprising as the iRacing platform offers the most immersive, realistic and fun sim racing experience. Partnered with professional racing leagues such as NASCAR, IndyCar, V8 Supercar, Mazda, SRO, and Super GT as well as racing school Skip Barber to train amateur racers, iRacing is well on its way to becoming the first globally recognized e-sport. It conducts official series racing based on a license system where every caliber of driver can compete against one another. These are the reasons what makes iRacing capable of offering a five figure prize pool.

Scanned to perfection
iRacing’s dedication in replicating real world tracks is astounding. Forza and Turismo manage to capture realism to some extent but not with the same depth as iRacing. Employing Exactrac LIDAR laser scanning technology, iRacing is able to map tracks over the world in detail, down to the millimeter. Their team photographs the entire area takes suggestions from real world drivers who regularly hit the tracks for important checkpoints. This excruciating detail to the surroundings and the racetrack are essential for the complete immersion of the driver.

Feel every jar and bump
iRacing laser scanning technology allows for what is called, bump mapping. This technology maps the surface of the road accurately so that the driver may experience it in the race sim. The Race Room uses force feedback steering and Full Motion Simulator to amplify iRacing’s software platform and provide the most authentic racing experience.

Professional training tool
In partnership with Skip Barber Racing, iRacing is used as a professional racing tool for real world racers. Testimonials of racers such as Mitchell Dejong, Dale Earnhardt Jr, Jordan Taylor, Brad Keselowski and Alex Ardoin, prove that iRacing tracks are the real deal. Many professional racers go on iRacing to learn new tracks, before actually racing on them in the real world.

Feels different for every car
iRacing simulators use telemetry based data programs to ensure that the track feels different for different vehicles. Imitating real life scenarios where drivers can only focus on mastering a single car, iRacing leaves no stone unturned. Whether you try Formula One, Indy, V8, or stock cars it will feel different for each car on the racetrack. Taking into account the dimensions of each car makes iRacing the best racing sim.

The Race Room is a simulator racing center that combines the powerful iRacing platform with high end racing simulator equipment. The team consists of real world racers who have built their simulators from scratch, based on their knowledge of real race cars. ‘The Race Room’ car sims imitate real world cars in every way, in order not to break the driver’s suspension of reality. It’s the closest anyone can get to drive a real world racing car without the risk and fortune involved.

Image Source: www.iracing.com

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