Should I Join The Racing Room’s Racing Series?

Racing requires impeccable driving skills, and of course, the most important skill is to find the limit of the car. Racing without knowing the track, is like driving in the night wearing sun-glasses. It’s only when you do your homework thoroughly, you’ll start seeing your lap times drop. iRacing is a platform that allows you to race with other real world drivers virtually. It offers series racing in all classes of race cars. However, there is a staged licensing process, which will allow you to train and learn how to sim race with others at the same level as you. As your skills and lap-times improve, your license class moves from rookie to D to C to B to A. As you race up the ladder, the selection of cars gets more powerful and more demanding to drive.

Let’s take a look at the various reasons why you should perfect your skills at The Race Room:

Powered by iRacing Platform:

The simulation is brought to you by a server based platform, popularly known as iRacing. This platform provides a selection of over 70 different tracks from around the world that you can choose from, and many of them are quite well-known globally. And, there are about 42 different race cars. If you’re a Nascar fan, then you can select your desired car and rip the engine on the Super Speedway, long and short both are available. Additionally, when racing, the simulation rules are the same as the real world, which includes; black flags, yellow flags, blue flags, pit stops, strategy calls, etc.

Race Against other Racers, Online:

Using the latest technology, iRacing is considered to provide the most authentic online racing experience. Every facet of the simulator is officially licensed and an exact replica of its real-life counterpart. This next-generation sim racing software is used by professional drivers and passionate gamers alike. The Race Room’s simulators are flawlessly compatible and connected to the internet, which allow our users to join tens-of-thousands of other racers from across the world. The Race Room is open in the evenings and weekends for all different types of events.

If you’re looking for a new alternative while looking for a truly unique and memorable experience, The Race Room is your gateway. Our sim racing venue is the only one which offers groups and organizations the ability to host special events, such as: Corporate Team Building, Client Appreciation Events, Private Parties, Race Driver Training Sessions, Birthdays and Stags. So contact us today, to learn more about The Race Room’s Racing Series. You can even book your slots online, don’t wait for them to get occupied!

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