Why Should you go iRacing?

If you’re a passionate race enthusiast, you must have felt the desire to get on track and race with other hard core enthusiasts? It’s only when you start to get some serious track time against other good drivers that you start to learn from the small mistakes you make, and how much it costs you in lap time. Wouldn’t you love to race with people who encourage you to push yourself to the limits? Well, the answer is pretty obvious and needs no clarification. iRacing is a platform for rookies as well as professionals. It’s more like a racing community, and depending on your skill level you can opt for those server rooms wherein people who are as skilled or experienced as you are, competing ruthlessly.

To succeed in sim racing you’ll need to be willing to learn, have the humility and accept that sometimes things can go wrong, and be able to cope with not winning every race. You’ll have to be fast and smart, and at the same time, you’ll need to be polite and friendly and communicate well. If you rage at small injustices and get frustrated for every small thing because you can’t win, iRacing (and sim racing in general) is not for you.

Visit the Race Room in Calgary: If you want the best sim racing experience, you should visit the race room in Calgary, Alberta. The Race Room in Calgary is the perfect place for amateur and professionals drivers alike.

There are various team-building activities that can be conducted in the Race Room while enjoying every minute competing with your fellow colleagues. Additionally, the best part of the Race Room is that all the car sims are connected to the iRacing server, so you can go online and play with other racers on the go!

About iRacing: iRacing isn’t like a public server racing where people can drive around backwards punting everyone off and live to fight another day. Driving dangerously, or if you’re abusive on the mic or in text chat, you can be protested, which can result in a warning, coaching, a ban for a period of time or a permanent ban. By the way, cheating results into an instant ban!

Such rules do appear strict, but they result in a service where the driving is much cleaner, and realistic. And, you’d feel much better that you’re not in a room full of COD-playing kids swearing at each other. If someone is driving recklessly, protest them. If they’re being abusive, sexist or otherwise unpleasant on chat, please protest them. Overall, this keeps a clean and level playing field for all racers, and ultimately, a better sim racing experience.

Safety Rating and iRating: Safety rating is not perfect, but it’s the best there is! Newbies often feel that it’s unfair because in some race they had a crash and that wasn’t their fault and it cost them safety rating points. If you go off track, that’s one incident, and if your car spins that’s another incident where you lose points. If you hit another car, you and the car you hit both lose points. In the micro level it may be unfair, but it’s completely fair in the macro level.

Your iRating increases when you finish ahead of drivers having higher iRating than you. A general of thumb is finishing in the top half will gain you iRating. So, your motive should remain straightforward to finish the race in the top 3, without losing out any kind of safety ratings.

Your achievements as a car sim driver reflect as licenses in the virtual world of iRacing. And these licenses come in 5 grades. You will have one for road and one for oval racing. You will start as a rookie at 3.0, and be able to progress through D, C, B and A licenses only in regards to your performance. So don’t sit and wonder what you should do if you don’t have a car simulator. Visit the Race Room in Calgary to not only know more about iRacing, but to experience real-time racing experience virtually!

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