Why You Should Use The Race Room

At the Race Room, you have access to high quality simulator equipment, the interior feel of an actual race car, a variety of sports cars to choose from, and your choice of a famous racing circuits that are laser scanned to millimeter precision. Apart from our first class full motion simulator technology, our team consists of real world racers who will guide you on every step of your experience. With our equipment and guidance, we make sure everyone gets fantastic bang for their buck.

Here is more on our offerings at the Race room.

The Race room works in collaboration with iRacing, which is an online motorsport simulator platform. On the iRacing portal you get an option to use a real world car, whether it is Formula 1, NASCAR, IndyCar or simply a Touring car. Depending on which car you pick, you can be in Indy Car Racing or Formula 1 Racing, and so much more! There’s a lot more information about this at the official iRacing portal.

Racing together with colleagues is a great way to blow off some steam. Private parties, promotional events, and team building workshops can reach new exhilarating heights at The Race Room. Motorsport enthusiasts can come to the Race Room and opt for our driver coaching programs to improve their skills. Once you’re done racing you can kick back, relax, savor a few drinks, and enjoy the video footage of the race.

Everybody can fulfill their wish of becoming a race car driver at The Race Room. The fact is that car racing is an expensive hobby and a difficult endeavor to pursue professionally. Having a good team of professionals to guide you faithfully through the track is also rare to find. At the Race Room, we bring all the aspects of professional racing together in a package that is affordable, in a virtual world. With prices starting at about $100 per driver, professionals and amateurs alike have access to a unique racing experience through simulator racing.

For those who cannot contain their passion for racing, The Race Room is the best alternative. Apart from bouts of motion sickness that some our drivers may experience, Race Room is a risk free and enjoyable simulated experience which can be compared to real world racing.

The Race Room components have been built to give an authentic feel of a real race car. The cushioning, steering, and brake spacing details has been carefully replicated to resemble real world sports cars. Every race track has been laser scanned to recreate the feel of every bump in the road. It’s as close to the real thing you can get without the million-dollar budget.

New customers are often shocked at level of realism generated by our simulators. Our patronage includes many real world racers who swear by the quality of our equipment. Book a package now and find out what the Race Room is all about!

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