Learn How To Find The Racing Line

Are you a racing enthusiast? Well, there’s no doubt about that as you’re willingly reading this article which will theoretically teach how you to identify a racing line. A racing driver follows the racing line which is the route that enables him or her to take corners in the fastest possible way. Cars can travel in a straighter line by using all the available space on the track and travel faster before reaching the limits of traction. It doesn’t matter even if you’ve mastered cornering techniques just like any real-time pro driver because if you’re not on the correct racing line, you will be no faster than a NASCAR driver attempting to turn right. Taking fast corners is not so difficult because of the traction control which most newer sports car offer today. However, the actual daunting task is to follow the racing line. The general philosophy of racing lines is simple. Before reaching the corner, go wide as much as possible, and then speed in towards the inner side of the turning. This can be broken down into three phases – entry, middle and exit.

Most importantly, remember that there is rarely a perfect line through any corner for all circumstances. It majorly depends on the characteristics of your car, your corning strategy, and the conditions. Always be open to experiment with different lines and learn from instructors and professionals who know the course well.

Phase 1 – Entry:

Before entering any corner, be sure to be wide enough, away from the apex of the turn. For example, you have to turn right. Before reaching the turn, stay on the left side of the road. And as you turn in, bring the car across to the tightest part of the bend on the inside (right-side). The inside part of any turn is called the apex.

Phase 2 – Middle:

Just when you reach the apex of the corner, you’re technically in the middle of the cornering process. When you reach the apex, you should be sure that you’re not over-accelerating or under-accelerating. If you’re too fast, you’ll eventually have to brake hard which can cause wobbles or may even skit the car off the track. Reaching the apex with the right speed can help you exit the corner with enough speed and perfection.

Phase 3 – Exit:

While exiting, you just need to let the car release out of the bend to the far left hand side of the racetrack. When you’re exiting the corner, you can hit the throttle hard, only if you’re not too fast while reaching the middle phase of the turning.

How To Find The Racing Line

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Some corners are really tricky. If you’ve heard of ‘early apex’ or a ‘late apex’, then you’d know exactly what I mean by affirming ‘tricky’ here. What this implies is adjusting the turn-in point to produce an earlier, or later apex point. The reason this is done is rather simple. Let’s say for an instance, you are coming off a sequence of bends into a tight hairpin curve. At the exit of the hairpin is a long straight way. In such cases, many drivers sacrifice their speed at the entry of the corner to enable themselves for a better exit off the turn. The logic here is pretty simple. The time lost while entering the corner could certainly be gained down the long straight. This would require you to input a lot of turning initially to get your car back down its apex point from its late turn in, and in doing so, you’ll be able to get the car straighter sooner and be on the power earlier, which will result in a better exit speed.

Depending on the type of racetrack and its corners, you may have to practice for hours and hours to get the best laprecord. Some tracks have corners on the uphills and downhills, which enforces you to shift your pedals and know the apexes accordingly. To know more about racing lines of some of the world’s best racetracks, get in touch with your professionals at The Race Room in Calgary. You can also organize team building activities, birthday parties, or corporate events at The Race Room. Check out our website to book your visit and unlimited fun today!

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