5 Benefits Of Sim Racing

Sim racing has made motorsports accessible for car fanatics. For the first time, racing fanatics aren’t just spectators in a race but can actually get behind the screen and participate, through sim racing. There are many benefits of sim racing. It benefits both, individuals and teams. This is because simulator racing comes as close to real world racing as possible and the team building events held at The Race Room help groups improve their team performance. Even real world racing professionals use them as a training tool. Our team building events in Calgary help companies motivate their employees through team effort. These are some of the benefits of sim racing.

  • Basic Racing Skills

The best racing sim comes really close to actual driving. But skills learnt on a sim racer applied to real world driving, should be done with a grain of salt. These skills acquired in sim racing can be translated to real world driving talent. Often, ‘aliens’ that dominate the iRacing or GT simulator have gone on to race professionally, with some success. The basics skills such as cornering, accelerating, and braking can be learnt with a racing simulator.

  • Sim Racing Raises Awareness

Sim racing is hard. Just putting a few hours on a racing simulator takes a lot out of a driver. The person behind the screen will be exhausted, perspiring, and excited, as in a real life race. Racing simulators force the driver to pay attention to the entire screen, have situational awareness, and be able to respond quickly. Developing, these skills have saved some drivers in real life accidents.

  • Moderate Rash Driver Behavior

Racing games do not have any penalty for rash driving. However, the best racing sim takes a professional approach to racing. Crashing into other players or driving off the road has consequences. Players that drive rashly are eliminated, instantly. Although, a mass study is yet to be conducted, sim racers usually tend to drive safely in real life.

  • Racing Builds Team Spirit

Any racer knows that real racing involves, working in coordination with other racers, while simultaneously, trying to go as fast as possible. Pinpoint precision and accuracy is required. These skills are not just required by racers but even by organizations. Thus, simulator racing is a potential tool for team building activities.

  • It’s Bloody Fun

Let’s face it, racing is an expensive pursuit, most people go all their lives staring at a screen, watching professional drivers race. Simulator racing has broken that barrier. The person behind that screen can now participate, in the most realistic racing experience. The best racing simulator is complete with racetracks around the world and various sports cars. What more could any racing fanatic ask for?

To completely enjoy racing simulator, you don’t need to get an entire simulator setup. You can come to The Race Room at Calgary and enjoy one of our simulator racing packages. Bring your friends, bring your colleagues, host a party, or even throw a corporate event. To organize fun corporate events in Calgary, or to enhance your employee’s professional as well as personal skills, book The Race Room Calgary today and enjoy the many benefits of sim racing. The Race Room is a place where you can quell your urge to race and improve your overall racing and professional skills.

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