How the Best Racing Sim Makes Your a Better Driver

Racing sims can absolutely make you faster, but only if you pick the right game. Today, the virtual versions of all the different and famous racetracks are more realistic than ever, replicating even cracks in the pavement. With the help of laser scanners, most developers scan the racetracks to capture every millimeter, every bump, camber change, rumble strip and railing so that you can experience perfection and superiority.

The fact is that racing sims are the only avenue most have to express their inner racing desire and compete against others in a competitive environment. Not everyone can afford a Lamborghini, or a Bugatti. Moreover, taking your hatchback for a spin on a racetrack is certainly incomprehensible.

If you want to get the most from racing-sim experience, then you need to immerse yourself in iRacing. It is the best racing sim available, as its physics are amazingly lifelike and fantastic. Many pro-drivers today, practice on the iRacing platform to get their best lap-records. This way, they can try to push themselves to the limits even when practicing on the real racetrack.

Here are reasons which describe how the best racing sim makes you a better driver:

Improves Your Reflexes:

Various neurologists and psychologists began to wonder whether playing racing sims are beneficial in terms of reaction times. The clear answer in simple terms is that games can have a measurable benefit on both reaction times and broader cognition. Back in 2010, researchers at the University of Rochester in New York, found that people who had been playing video games didn’t just have better reaction times, but they also made more accurate decisions.

Improves Handling and Controls:

A good simulator makes it possible to drive a model of a virtual vehicle, experiencing sensations that can be referenced to a real one. Experienced drivers and engineers analyse the sim results, as it is possible for a simulator test to produce data useful to the development of the car, and in terms of how the driver interacts with the handling and controls on the vehicle. Additionally, F1 drivers have been known to use gaming consoles to learn new racetracks. They learn the racetrack thoroughly and then try to understand on which corners they can be faster.

Improves Situational Awareness:

We all know how important it is to keep our eyes on the road, rear-view, and side-mirrors while driving or racing. Racing sims help you become aware of your situation. In a race, if you’re in the third position and there are three to four cars on your tail waiting for you to make a mistake so that they can take advantage of it, you have to then ensure you don’t lose focus or become nervous. Of course, this way you’ll be prepared to not leave any room for error. Likewise, racing sims also help in keeping your focus and attention on other cars. If one car bashes another one which is ahead of you, there are chances that you might crash onto them if you’re not very attentive or if you don’t hit the brakes and turn the wheel appropriately. Therefore, racing sims improve situational awareness among drivers and help them be prepared for the worse.

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