Why do Professional Racing Teams Use Driving Sims to do Testing?

Unfortunately, most major championship series have testing bans, or severe testing restrictions. Due to which drivers don’t get enough time to spend with their machines on the racetracks, and engineers and mechanics don’t get enough bandwidth to experiment with different set ups.
That’s why use of racing simulator technology has become mainstream. You can try everything on the racing sim that you are going to try on the racetrack. Every setup change, every aerodynamic change can be first experimented on the racing sim before implementing on the actual racing car.

Nearly all professional drivers make use of racing sims to hone their skills. Some are home based like iRacing, whereas some are factory-made by professional racing teams for improving their racing drivers performance.
Here are various reasons why professional racing teams use driving sims to do testing:

Racing Sims are Extremely Accurate:

There is no doubt that racing sims today have become extremely accurate. All the racetracks are laser scanned so that they meticulously define every bump or crack on the racetrack. Racing sims benefit professional drivers as they help them optimize their practice time in order to memorize a new track, determine turning and braking points, and to select the right gears for different corners.

Racing Sims are Cost-Effective:

An advanced virtual machine saves millions each year in testing costs alone. In fact, the positive results of virtual training are so impressive that every professional team is trying to get its hands on one. Although racing sims are expensive to design and build, they definitely are much cost effective than spending persistently on maintenance, parts and fuel. With the use of racing sims teams save so much money on track reservations, fuel, parts and travel.

Racing Sims are Safe:

A driver can try to get his or her fastest lap by pushing himself to the limits on a racing sim. This is possible because even if the driver misses the braking point or misjudges a turn, he won’t crash and injure himself. The drivers can limitlessly try different tricks and ways to be the fastest on a particular racetrack while using the racing sim. And later, they can implement those new learned skills and tactics on the actual racetrack.

Professional racing drivers can accurately familiarize themselves with control systems, and of course, the gearing and rhythm for any particular racetrack on racing sims. Currently, Infinity Redbull Racing is preparing its team for the Canadian Grand Prix with several hours of trial runs on the simulator. Working professionals in Canada who love racing can always try their hands on our world’s best racing simulators. The Race Room in Calgary is equipped with the best racing simulators, and our professional instructors can help you not only become better drivers, but also help improve your team’s coordination and communication through various team building activities.

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