How iRacing Improves Your Racing Knowledge and Skills

On September 2004, Dave Kaemmer co-founder of the Papyrus Design Group and John Henry came together and founded iRacing. Back then, the sim racing scene was as niche as niche could get. iRacing changed that. It pulled out all the stops and combined 100 years of racing knowledge into its virtual driving simulator. This driving simulator was so authentic that real world drivers began using it as a training tool. Since then, iRacing has come a long way in virtual sim racing. Partnered with Skip Barber Racing School, V8 Supercars, IndyCar, and NASCAR, iRacing offers some of the world’s best racetracks and cars on its simulator.

So how does iRacing improve your racing knowledge and skills you ask? Read on to find out the answer.

iRacing isn’t a Game

You could be the fastest racer on games such as Forza and Turismo and you wouldn’t be able to make a dent in iRacing. This is because iRacing is not a game. It is a car simulator. This means it’s as good as driving a real car minus the momentum, g-force. Ordinary games don’t hold a candle to iRacing’s simulator.


The developers of iRacing didn’t make a half assed simulator to cater to the masses. They took 50 years of simulation racing development knowledge and put it into iRacing. The racetracks in iRacing have been laser scanned to millimeter precision. They combined these details with bump mapping software. Therefore, the car is affected by every slight bump in the road the same way it would in real life. This has allowed amateur and professional racers, alike, to test their driving skills on new tracks and replicate the results in real life. Testimonials at the iRacing website show that professional racecar drivers swear by our tracks.


iRacing went through a lot of trouble to make their cars as realistic as possible. Drivers need to account for understeering, oversteering, braking, accelerating, and gear shifting. Just see the number of options in the configuration screen of any vehicle and you’ll know what I’m talking about. Each car feels different and unique to the driver. Whether or not driving a racing sim car translates to real world skill is up to each individual racer. But check out iRacing champion Greger Huttu’s performance in his first real world race.

However, despite this iRacing is incomplete by itself. To really improve your racing skills with iRacing, you need high end simulation hardware like steering wheels, pedals, brakes, shifters. Not everyone can afford high end simulation gear. Luckily, The Race Room offers Full Motion simulation hardware to the citizens of Calgary to race at their disposal. Their simulators are built by real world racers and are complete with racing seats, Triple Screens, and force feedback mechanisms. Got an urge to race? The Race Room’s where the competition’s at.

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