How Racing Sims Can Fuel Your Team Building Activities or Corporate Events

How exhilarating it is when a group of colleagues reveal their driving and racing skills behind the wheel, speeding on some of the world’s most electrifying racetracks. Just a heads-up for all those who think racing sims are easy to maneuver, you are all completely deluded. To race on the Race Room’s exceptional racing sims, you need to know the racetracks well along with the multifarious specifications of different cars and their controls. You need to be well aware of different racelines of different racetracks as well, which enable you take fast corners. And this is only possible when you know the racetracks in and out. Well, there’s a lot you need to know to be the best, and if you think you know quite a lot, get your colleagues to the Race Room in Calgary and test your skills!

Take a look at a few series that are already outlined for corporate events and team building activities:

Gentlemen’s Series

Ideal for a group of up to 4 drivers, our Gentlemen’s Series focuses purely on speed and results. And believe me, to get a firm grip on the steering wheel and pedals you may require a pre-race orientation of 30 minutes. Which will be followed by a 60 minute Open Practice Session that will empower you to learn the racetrack and controls of the car better. The real fun begins as soon as you enter the qualifying sessions. You’ll be given 15 minutes to qualify, and depending on your lap record, you’ll be able to either secure the pole position or last position. The main race event will take place right after the qualifying session, which will be for another 30 minutes. Our exclusive Post Race and Video Review Session from our trained staff will give you valuable insights on how to improve your on-track performance. You can expect to be a faster and better driver by the end of your Sim Racing Experience.

Raw Racing

Raw Racing is for racing enthusiasts, who just want to race! It’s perfect for groups of up to 4 people. Raw Racing gets you in our extraordinary simulators and let you experience the joy of controlling and driving sports cars! You’ll be taken through a 15 minute Pre-Race Orientation, which will be followed by a 60 minute Open Practice Session. The challenge arises when you merely get 10 minutes to achieve the highest lap record during the qualifying session. After qualifying, the main race event will be arranged in which you’ll get 20 minutes to beat your opponents.

Team Series 12

This series is an exciting option for working professionals as they can organize team building activities and corporate events to foster teamwork, and strengthen fellowship. Team Series 12 events are new and they’re all set to deliver an adrenaline filled experience to each and every participant. This series combine fun and excitement of racing in an entertaining environment. Every participant will be taken through a 30 minute Pre-Race Orientation and Tutorial, to get a thorough understanding of the racing simulators. About 2.75 hours of simulator time will be allotted, which includes practice and qualifying sessions, along with the main race event and post race video and data review.

There are a few more packages that you can take a look at on our website, to get a better and clearer interpretation of our racing events. You can intelligently use our packages to perform team building activities that can improve your team’s endurance and skills. Additionally, our excellent racing sims are connected to the iRacing platform, which gives you an option to race other enthusiasts from across the world.

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