iRacing is the Best Racing Sim for Professionals

iRacing is built to encompass more than 100 years of racing experience and high end simulation software. The physics and mechanics of the game are unreal or perhaps too real. iRacing is for the hardcore. Not everyone can afford to spend the time and energy required to master this racing sim. Perhaps this is what makes it an incredible training tool for racing professionals. Here are some of the reasons real world racers go for iRacing and what makes it the best racing sim for professionals.

Attention to Detail

The developers of iRacing left no stone unturned to make the best racing sim. The laser scanned tracks cover every minute detail both in looks and feel. Their race cars are configurable in every possible way. In fact, even professional racers are daunted by the configurations options available in iRacing. The physics in iRacing are possibly the best out there. The environment and car interface visually appear as close to reality as possible. They help the driver immerse himself completely into the race. The game mechanics of iRacing are as unforgiving as real world racing. There is a safety rating system for drivers who drive off track or crash into other players. This keeps professional drivers on their toes even in the virtual simulator.

For all Kinds of Racers

The developers of iRacing didn’t limit themselves to any one form of racing but expanded to every kind of racing out there. This helped in making iRacing accessible as a training tool to every kind of professional racer. Whether its oval racing, F1, or GT racing, iRacing has a race car and track for every kind of racer there is. In partnership with, Skip Barber Racing School, NASCAR, IndyCar, V8 Super School, GT, and others, you can join any iRacing league series to test your metal against other professional drivers. This is another reason why iRacing is the best racing sim.

Community of Racers

Arguably the best thing about iRacing is its community. Comprised of some of the world’s best racers and racing enthusiasts, the iRacing community offers plenty of competition for professional race car drivers to hone their skills. Despite being the top dogs in real world racing, professional race car drivers will find stiff competition on the iRacing portal. iRacing champions often get opportunities to race in real life and do pretty well for themselves. This speaks volumes about the power of the best racing sim.

iRacing is well on its way to becoming recognized as an official e-sport. The racing scene has shifted online. The potential of iRacing as a training tool cannot be ignored. The Race Room offers the tools necessary to make your simulator racing experience even more authentic. Racing enthusiasts and professional race car drivers alike shouldn’t miss out on the opportunity to experience something unique.


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