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Robertshaw Racing announces the ARRIVE and DRIVE RACING EXPERIENCE.*

Qualified drivers** can expect to contest a full race season, full or partial race weekend or a test day in our 2015 spec, Stohr F1000, featuring a George Dean GSXR 1000, F1 style wheel, AIM data open Wheel race car. Race car is current to SCCA / WCMA / ICSCC  group 3 FA / FB specifications.

For 2015, regulations have now allowed an increase in floor width to 55″ from 44″. Along with floor width increase, the rear diffuser also is wider. With our BRD designed full flat floor the increase in down force toward the front of the car really makes this race car stick!

Experience the championship winning preparation and expertise of Robertshaw Racing at any of several race tracks in Canada and the USA. In addition to piloting the race car, a driver can expect the Robertshaw Racing Team to service the race car and ensure your Racing Experience is a well prepared effort. The experience will include the review of race car and driver data from from the AIM EVO4 logger platform in the Stohr F1000. The race car is also capable of front and rear video capture and pit to race car radio communication. The Robertshaw Racing team is equipped with a full compliment of the latest chassis set up technology and pit equipment under our enclosed race canopy. These factors combined with the Robertshaw Racing team’s winning heritage will provide you with the best opportunity to turn a respectable lap time.

Consumables included in the Arrive and Drive Racing Experience are fuel (high octane pump fuel), tires (previously cycled tires), food, water / refreshments and all race related fees.*** Also included is the opportunity to share the experience with friends and family under our team canopy. Following the conclusion of your Racing Experience you can request a USB stick containing all your in car data and video.

The costs associated with this experience are dependent on location, frequency of use, race or practice days and the number of days for the chosen event. Please contact us for more details!

This is your opportunity for a real open-wheel competition race weekend with your friends and family! The open wheel Racing Experience is something very few people will have ever experienced. Now is your chance to have the experience of a life time! Contact us today!

Please Note: This web page does not constitute a rental agreement. All terms and conditions are subject to change. Please see the rental agreement for details and the assumed and agreed financial and personal liability.

* Renter subject to damage and repair liability.

** Must have a valid ASN race license or USA equivalent and or recommendation from an accredited race school and or have clean racing history. We reserve the right to deny any applicant at any time.

*** Race related fees include race entry fees and pit fees. It does not include race protest or race related penalty costs.