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Included in all driver training sessions: data acquisition is an invaluable tool that all professional race teams use; at The Race Room so do we. Our instructors may use 3 different programs to review a drivers performance: iSpeed Lap Analyzer, MOTEC i2 Pro and Atlas McLaren F1 Data.  With these programs every input a driver makes is logged and then broken down in depth where the instructor will use the information to help the race driver identify and correct bad habits and then develop good habits . We can see where a driver is strong and the areas that need to be worked on. Corner by corner we make a race driver faster. Data… humbling yes, but worth every bit of time that a race driver is willing to invest!

Typical programs involve driver analysis first, once we see the drivers habits (good and not so good) we focus on getting those inputs working correctly and naturally for the driver. Then off to the race car set up, suspension analysis, histogram review and so on. Then we will upload a generic good race car set up (the way a driver likes it) and work on applying the new, better habits to set up the car just for them. Some drivers like a car loose, some like it tight and some like over steer on corner exit. Our point is we work with the driver to develop good inputs and help in developing a knack for setting up a race car they way they like it! What happens if we try this? What happens if we try that, the beauty of the simulator is you can change and try countless times without experiencing the real world cost of just what a bad set up race car can cost you.