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iRacing, the racing software we use is unique in many ways. Here are just a few of them. First, iRacing laser scans all the tracks available in iRacing, if there is a bump on the track in the real world, it’s in the simulation as well. Second, open lapping sessions are available for you and some friends so you can come down and test new set ups, practice in an open practice or closed private practice format. You can race head to head on over 70 different tracks from around the world and choose from 42 different race cars of all types and different racing disciplines. Once your one time orientation is complete your left with the simulators and some heart racing opportunities.

We can show you how to do changes to your race car so when you are in the cockpit and after some laps you find you want to change the car, say add some camber, change castor, change a gear ratio, change some aero, change a spring rate, its all there and its really easy to do once we get you up to speed on how to do it. If in the real race car world it can be changed, it can be changed in the simulation world as well. The only things missing in the simulation are G force and the fact that when you crash, you simply hit the refinance button (reset button) versus the actual pain of having to really pay for repairs!

You can also take on thousands of participants from around the world in a hosted session or come in and race against some friends in your own private race! You can password protect your race so only those you want to race with will be racing with you. You can join other hosted sessions. With iRacing’s graduated race licensing system you can series race as well, at just about anytime day or night.

So if you want to develop as a race driver, race with friends, race against others from around the world you can! You can road race, oval race, on large tracks and smaller tracks. Looking to kill a few hours with some friends in a true motorsports environment, The Race Room is your place.

Pick up the phone 403 460 6775, give us a quick call to see if we have any openings. check on our web site booking calender, its real easy. Most casual racing and practice is usually at night as we are open to 10PM and on weekends, we are open Saturday and Sunday but you never know, we may have some time throughout the weekdays as well!