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Our race driver training programs are fully customizable to your needs as a driver.  One of our race driver instructors, who all race currently and have plenty of real world experience will go through a variety of training aspects one on one with you. You decide what it is your after and we will provide it. If you are unsure of what areas really need attention, data review will help us identify what it is you are doing well and what it is you could be doing better.

If you are seeking to learn how to set a race car up, we can show you through data just what a change actually does to the car. Take for instance shock or damper settings, we can dial in a damper, have you do laps, you report back how it felt. We then will pull up damper histograms to start, we will be able to determine just how you like a damper or shock set for a given track or corner type. More bump, more rebound stiffer springs, softer springs, its all there for you if you if you want it. Of course, it is more in depth than this explanation but we think you get the idea

Any level of experience is welcome!

Our coaching sessions offer:

– Race car dynamics training

– Lead follow sessions with coaching via radio

– Track walks and what to look for at your local track

– Full data review to curb those bad habits

– General coaching tips on particular driving styles


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