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Allen Berg 5 star

I had a great time at The Race Room yesterday.There is certainly a lot effort & attention to detail that go into design and build of The Race Room simulators. Of particular note is that they are developed by experienced racers.I have tested other simulators and my opinion is that all they are really useful for is learning a new track.However, unlike other sims, I can see that The Race Room simulators are a significant driver development tool for the serious racer – the best that I have tested.

Tom Grzesiak

Just had the pleasure of spending some time at the Race Room with Jes, Blair and Zac and I don’t know what else to say except that I had an amazing time. The quality of the components they use, the overall atmosphere and the friendliness of the guys that work there is top notch. Thank you and I look forward to coming back soon.

Darren St. Peter — 5 star

Well I’m a experienced sim racer and I just got back from the Race Room and I really have to say that it feels like I just got back from the race track. I have been sim racing for over ten years and have never experienced anything like the thrill that the race rooms GT sim provided while driving the lotus 79….. ahh this is what the lotus 79 really feels like to drive. Any sim racer or anyone for that matter can book an appointment and go to the race room and find out what it really feels like to be in a real race car. Blair then treated me to a test drive in the open wheel formula sim I was even more thrilled to the max. World class simulators that are incredibly well thought out with scrutinizing attention to detail that offers anyone who is interested in experiencing the absolute closest thing to the thrill of real racing should consider one of the packages they have to offer at the race room. I am really looking forward to my next visit to the Race Room.

Jarrad Whissell — 5 star

Blair has built his simulators with only the best parts and you can tell from the driving experience. Great training tool and a ton of fun too boot! I will be back for training and some corporate team building.

Sean Loutitt — 5 star

I was fortunate to be able to take part in a team building day at the Race Room this December. It was a great experience. We were all well taken care of including instruction, food, and a couple hours of seat time (all used the open wheel Pro Formula Mazda). I have raced open wheel cars before and can’t believe how realistic the simulators are with only a few inches of actual movement. With the visuals and movement make you feel like you are really there. You can even feel when the back wheels slide out, pavement imperfections, and curbing. When you hit the wall….you feel it. TOTALLY cool! Blair has created a great venue/experience for team building, training, or just enjoying the track…Any track, anywhere, with almost any race car. Highly recommended.

Joshua Arnold — 5 star

Want a unique and thrilling Experience for your next group event or to just run some laps against some buddy’s? The race room is the place.I had the opportunity to participate in a team building session at the race room a few weeks ago and I have to say it was like no other I have been involved in. First it starts out with some training from Blair (owner) and his Staff. Then its on to practice and qualifying where as a team you calculate your fuel loads to make sure you will be as competitive as possible come race time. Then its onto the the race, Ours was a one our Race and we had 9 people on three simulators meaning we had to do two driver changes during the race. The whole experience was much more engaging then I would have ever thought walking in.
Initially you may think it would feel like a Video game but once your in the seat you realize with the quality of components they are using and the amazing realism of the software it feels like being in a real car.

Blair and his guys are all real world Race car drivers or involved in real racing in some way, this to me is what makes the experience so authentic. I would recommend the Race Room to anyone who has a passion for any type or Racing or cars, or just someone looking to learn about racing.

Thanks again for the experience and hope to come in again in the near future to just run some laps…..see what kind of time I can pick up on my laps!

Dallas Butcher — 5 star

A beautiful facility with top notch simulators. Truly impressive, and an inexpensive way to improve your driving skill…. and have a ton of fun.

Trevor Holder — 5 star

Fortunate to spend a few hours with Blair and the guys at The Race Room today for their open house, and was blown away by the attention to detail they have put into their driving rigs. Every detail from authentic wheels, race seats, tubular frames measure to actual racing cockpit specs, and hydraulic pedals set to real world pressures provided for an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. As a sim racer with SDC Motorsports, I certainly appreciated their real world racing input regarding my driving tendencies, and how I could gain a few more of those precious tenths. I’ll definitely be back sooner rather than later. Great work guys… Keep it up!

Greg Cloutier — 5 star

Truly an exceptional experience! I’ve been a long time sim racer and it’s what got me into local racing here in Alberta. Finding iRacing as a tool through their precision and high quality equipment can be such a benefit to any amateur racer or professional looking to get a jump on their racing advantage during the off season or to shake off a bad habit during the racing season. Blair and Zac both have a wealth of experience when it came to helping illustrate and correct my driving habits in a racing environment. The equipment and environment are both mind-blowing in the effort it’s taken to tune everything to exactly match the real cars they are simulating. The facility is very welcoming and professional looking with racing details through out showing the passion Blair has for the sport.
I’ve been sim racing for over 6 years and when I sat in the GT simulator and had my car loaded onto the track I was in awe over the feel and connection made with the car on the screen through the hardware. Each corner, gear shift and braking maneuver it felt like I was driving a race car on the track and was quickly reminded of how demanding it can be.
As a training tool and entertainment this is the place to go if you have an itch to race or scrub off the rust between races!

Jeffrey Terner — 5 star

I’ve been to The Race Room quite a few times now. Each time has been more and more fun. Going from my first experience in a Pro Mazda car, to entering some races in a Miata to earn licenses, then wheel to wheel lapping at Spa it is quite remarkable. The only things missing are the wind, rain plinking off the helmet, and G-force. Every bump is fed back through the body.
This is an exceptional opportunity for any racer to develop their skills without the risk of damaging or bending expensive equipment.

Max Y. — 5 star

Had an awesome time. Blair and the rest of the guys are very passionate and extremely knowledgeable. The simulators are fantastic and as realistic as you can get. Highly recommend you come and check this place out, guarantee you’ll have an awesome experience, whether you’re a beginner or an actual race car driver. Can’t wait to go back.

Jared Freeston — 5 star

Had an awesome time! Zac was a great host for us hooligans. Definitely going back to spend some more time in the seat.

Christos Sofocleous — 5 star

Going into the race room I had no idea what to expect. As a casual gamer I have played “Racing games” in the past and was expecting much the same. Wow.. was I ever wrong! I was immediately humbled after driving my first few laps around the track. The difficulty and realism is unlike anything that I have experienced before. I would recommend this experience to racers and non racers alike. Excellent job guys!

Iain McLeod — 5 star

I had an incredible time at a team building event this weekend held at the race room. The staff and facility made for a memorable event. I would recommend this experience to anyone with a love for motorsports, an interest in cars, or anyone just looking foot a good time.

Shirley Benson — 5 star

Thanks Race Room for helping me blow the dust off some race craft such as apexes, threshold braking, and corner speed. Your feedback was valuable and will help me get faster! #prepping more than the car over winter#


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