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4 professional grade, full motion Racing Simulators, using the best simulation software on the planet. Race in the Stock Car simulator, or choose GT or Formula Car simulators. 

Full Motion

Hold-on tight, these Simulators do not sit still! Each Simulator at The Race Room is equipped with D-Box Motion Actuators to bring the Simulator to life. Feel almost every aspect of real-world racing, in a live and responsive motion simulator. 

Force Feedback

Think Race Car Drivers aren’t athletes? You might change your mind when you strap into a Simulator. Our Force Feedback equipment will let you feel the weight of the car through the racing wheel. Cornering, curb-strike, crashes, over and under steer will all be felt through the racing wheel. 

Triple-Screen Immersion

Each of our simulators are equipped with 42” Triple Screens for full panoramic vision. Our screens are perfectly placed for optimum field of view, giving a truly immersive experience.

Real Racing Seats

Each simulator is equipped with an actual race seat that matches the type of simulator you will be driving. You’ll be in an authentic race seat and in a precise seating position.

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